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VAT in the Digital Age

Digitalisierung & Innovation

On 8 December 2022, the European Commission proposed a series of measures to modernise and make the EU’s Value-Added Tax (VAT) system work better for businesses and more resilient to fraud by embracing and promoting digitalisation.

In this context, FEDIL responded to the call for feedback and provided on behalf of its members a number of comments to the European Commission’s VAT in the Digital Age proposal.

„We fully support the European Commission’s ambition to improve the VAT system through the use of digital tools, reducing VAT-related barriers for cross-border trade in the EU and making the VAT system better for businesses, while also more resilient to fraud. We believe the VAT in the Digital Age proposal is well placed to embrace digitalization, and effectively addresses the challenges faced by businesses (and in particular by SMEs) who trade, or have ambitions to trade, across EU borders.“

Please read FEDIL’s complete position HERE.

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