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Who are the winners of the Luxembourg Cloud Awards 2021?

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Luxembourg, July, 1st, 2021 – The Luxembourg Cloud Awards 2021 organised by Cloud Community Europe – Luxembourg have been presented during a special 100% virtual edition of the Golden-i.

The winners of the Luxembourg Cloud Awards 2021 have been revealed on Thursday, July1st, 2021 during the Golden-i Gala broadcasted from the Auditorium of PwC Luxembourg during a 100% virtual event.

This year, two categories were open for applications.

  • Cloud Innovation Project of the Year
  • Cloud Tech Innovator of the Year

In the “Cloud Innovation Project of the Year” category, 3 projects were distinguished by the jury:

  • Accenture, for the project “Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) API solution” set up together with LuxHub;
  • NTT Luxembourg PSF which worked together with Laboratoires Réunis using AWS public cloud to enable COVID-19 mass scale testing in Luxembourg;
  • Telindus Luxembourg which supported Autopolis in the deployment of its new Microsoft 365 environment in Telindus’ hybid cloud.

The “Cloud Innovation Project of the Year” category award goes to:

NTT Luxembourg PSF

The Luxembourg Government needed a rapid solution to implement mass testing to reduce the future impact of the pandemic and be able to manage the situation. NTT Luxembourg together with Laboratoires Réunis were able to develop a fully digital system to manage the testing process in only four weeks. The jury was impressed by the short time frame to implement the solution and by how the project’s stakeholders dealt with the challenge of medical data privacy using AWS public cloud.” said Ananda Kautz, Chairwoman of the 2021 Jury.

« We are excited to receive this year’s Cloud Innovation Project of The Year Award for the Large Scale Testing project together with Laboratoires Réunis. The project did link a lot of different stakeholders from research, healthcare, government, and the industry into something entirely unique. It was clear that in the given timeframe, a cloud native development was the only possible answer to such a challenge.

The project did win already multiple awards and stands for a new generation of people in the healthcare sector in Luxembourg. We see them everywhere in our country. They are CIOs, CDOs, researchers, doctors and politicians. They are located at LIH, the Ministry of Economy, the local hospitals and laboratories and plenty of other organizations. Our country has a huge potential because we have brilliant people, and this is just the start of a journey in healthcare» Michael Mossal, Senior Digital Transformation Director, NTT Luxembourg PSF

In the category “Cloud Tech Innovator of the Year”, the jury selected the 2 following start-ups:

  • WAVES, for their innovative cloud-based Sustainable Management Platform that allows managers to monitor their impact on the environment and society as well as their sustainability in a transparent manner ;
  • rejustify, for their DATA SCOUT solution that builds data sets automatically, in real-time.

The “Cloud Tech Innovator of the Year” category award goes to:


WAVES has the ambition of tackling the big issue of CO2 emission and circularity by offering a tool that calculates and analyses ESG impact. By targeting logistic industry in the first place, the jury feels that the platform has its place on the national scene since it is in line with national priorities.” stated Ananda Kautz.

« We are thrilled to receive this year’s Cloud Tech Innovator of The Year Award for our solution, the Sustainability Management Platform (SMP).

The SMP was created with the vision of making sustainability visible and paving the way to a more sustainable, decarbonized economy. The power of cloud technology has helped us achieve this vision by enabling the SMP to process AI-based data in real time and provide decision-makers with comprehensive carbon footprint calculations.

After thorough assessment by independent experts with a focus on IT technology and profitability, it’s a privilege to receive the award as proof of the effectiveness of our solution, which aims to bring added value to companies, the environment and the people. At the same time, it’s a great motivation for us to keep pushing new innovations in the areas of digitization and sustainability. » Armin Neises, CEO and Co-founder, WAVES

Cloud Community Europe Luxembourg warmly thanks the jury for its efforts and availability. The 2021 jury is composed of:

  • Ananda Kautz, ABBL
  • Marina Andrieu, WIDE
  • Jean-Paul Hengen, Luxinnovation
  • Olivier Zéphir, Technoport
  • Eric Dubois, LIST
  • Michele Gallo, Ministry of the Economy
  • Patrick Houtsch, CTIE
  • Philippe Linster, House of Startups
  • Tom Kettels, infrachain
  • Charles-Louis Machuron, Silicon Luxembourg
  • Éric Krier, Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy
  • Gaston Schmit, Ministry for Digitalisation
  • Björn Ottersten, SnT, University of Luxembourg
  • Pascal Steichen, SECURITYMADEIN.LU
  • Nasir Zubairi, LHoFT

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Céline Tarraube

Secretary General, Cloud Community Europe – Luxembourg


About Cloud Community Europe – Luxembourg:
Created in 2009, Cloud Community Europe – Luxembourg acts as a coordination platform to position Luxembourg as a leader in the field of “Cloud computing” and “Software as a Service” applications and similar technologies as well as to contribute to the development of the cloud computing business in Luxembourg by creating an exchange platform, a « Cloud ecosytem », for cloud service providers. To achieve its missions, the association promotes and encourages the uptake of cloud services and applications on a national and international level by sharing best practices. The association also participates in the development of a legal framework for cloud computing on a national and European level and supports cloud computing companies thanks to the presence of major cloud experts. In its mission, the association benefits from the support of FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry. It also belongs to the European network Cloud Community Europe (

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