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Job Shadow Day 2024

Arbeitsverhältnisse & Talente

The JOB SHADOW DAY allows students, from 16 years on, to shadow a business leader (or their representative) or a head of department for one day.

The experience is different from a simple company visit, as students can observe a business leader perform the daily tasks linked to his/her position during a full working day. That way, students gain insight into the working life and learn about the responsibilities of a business leader.

The project is a joint initiative by “FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry” and Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl with the support of the Chamber of Trades (Chambre des Métiers), the Chamber of Commerce (Chambre de Commerce) and the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth.

The Job Shadow Day gives your company the opportunity to:

  • position your company as an attractive employer for young people;
  • leave a lasting impression on future job seekers; strengthen your investment in Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • pass on your professional experience to tomorrow’s entrepreneurs;
  • have a fruitful exchange with young people.

The Job Shadow Day will take place during the week of 25th to 29th of March 2024.

Register by 26 January 2024:

Beginning of March 2024, we will inform you of the student(s) who will spend the Job Shadow Day in your company. Please note that Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg reserves the right to allocate students to companies.

For further information, please contact the coordinators:

Myriam Baustert

E-Mail :

Tél.: 26 11 01 – 22

Jessie Fisch

E-Mail :

Tél.: 26 11 01 – 21

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