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Where do you stand with your cybersecurity environment?

Digitalisierung & Innovation

With the help and collaboration of EY Luxembourg, the Cybersecurity Assessment Online Tool was launched last year and represents a set of security practices to help companies and organisations evaluate their cybersecurity environment and up their cybersecurity game. Free of charge, the tool supports companies in adopting a common approach with regard to the security objectives, security requirements and security measures across the Luxembourg market.

The 2.0 version integrates updates on hygiene rules and new measures to be taken into account by companies with regards to COVID-19 impact. Some questions have been modified, some new ones have been added, and an emphasis has been put on remote working and mobility, vendor management and rising technology solutions.

The tool is available on FEDIL website and completely free of charge.


Watch the testimonies of ALIPA, Carlex Glass Luxembourg and Excellium Services which already used the tool and explain the added value it brought to their companies.

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