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Job Shadow Day 2019

Work Relations & Talents

The JOB SHADOW DAY allows students, from age 16 on, to shadow a business leader (e.g. CEO, CFO, …) or his/her deputy for one day and actively participate in a normal working day of a company and thus have tangible impressions of the business world. This experience differs from a regular company visit, as during the JOB SHADOW DAY, the students get to observe a leader actually performing the regular duties of his occupation and are given the opportunity to see first-hand what requirements are necessary to pursue certain careers.

The project is a shared initiative from the “FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry” and Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl, with the support of the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts (Chambre des métiers – CDM) and the Chamber of Commerce (Chambre de Commerce – CDC).

This year, the Job Shadow Day will take between April 1st and April 5th 2019.

During the JOB SHADOW DAY students learn about:

  • the importance of a relevant academic background;
  • the requirements for pursuing a successful professional career;
  • the meaning and importance of teamwork within a company;
  • important information about different career possibilities;
  • developing an entrepreneurial spirit.

The JOB SHADOW DAY gives your company the opportunity to:

  • leave a lasting impression of your company on future job seekers;
  • position and promote the company as an employer of choice for young people;
  • promote your company and give a positive image of its field of activity;
  • strengthen your investment in « Corporate Social Responsibility »;
  • share professional experiences and knowledge with potential future young entrepreneurs.

How to participate?

To participate, please register until January 31st 2019 at the latest, by completing the following form:

In February 2019, we will inform you of the student(s) who will spend the JOB SHADOW DAY in your company. You will then receive the necessary information in order to organise your JOB SHADOW DAY.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

Claudia da Silva – Coordinatrice Job Shadow Day
Email :
Tél : 26 11 01 – 22 / 691 840 669

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