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Information and communication technologies X-Cite S.A.
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At the heart of X-Cite is the development of innovative “hyperscaler based, constantly evolving Communication and IoT business enabling Brain “, combining IoT connect, fast data brain, IoT API& SDK and AI. This IoT/5G Brain referred to as XBRAIN is highly scalable and is intended to be accessible to an open source community. This platform progressively allows to build and serve a complete ecosystem in SaaS model including robotics (using 4G, later 5G). Our services • We assist customers from e.g. telco, IoT, media, health, banking, transport, city sectors,..., in achieving their digital ambitions. • We integrate the most important competencies for digital transformation: Big Data, Cloud, Security and Edge computing and we delivering technical solutions using new technology like AI, ML, cognitive, SDN. • We frame root-cause problems, articulate them into tangible technical architecture and solutions by applying human-centric design thinking principles. • Complete IoT solution including hardware, software and service - We develop and operates your IoT solution – from ideation to conceptualization, fast prototyping/ pilot, testing, production. • X-CSP is a multipurpose platform and was designed with the vision in mind to reduce the complexity around the management of 2G, 3G and 4G IOT connectivity. X-CSP provides the functionality needed by Connectivity Service Providers and Enterprises to procure, invoice and manage millions of connections. • A2P Messaging Solution - The fastest and most reliable way to reach your customers. X-Cite A2P: a highly customizable, cost-effective, reliable yet fast plug-and-play system. We ensure you have the right technical platform for your applications enabling stability and agility with the right level of security to protect your services.
Key figures
  • Foundation year 2018
  • Share capital 150,000€
  • M. Pascal Koster executive partner
  • M. Ulf Theobald executive partner, CTIO
  • M. Vincent Lekens executive partner, COO, business development