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Law Firm Wildgen brightens 2020 for 2,300 children in need

Luxembourg, 31 March 2021 – Charity event, Wildgen 4 Children (W4C), collected and donated hundreds of toys for 7th year running. The year-end event has become a fixture in Luxembourg and the Greater-Region’s agenda, and last year it proved most successful than ever. 2020 rhymes with solidarity and generosity by putting a smile on more than 2300 children’s faces.

Launched in November 2014, the W4C toy collection is clearly rooted in humanitarian values, by helping those less fortunate.

In the context of the challenges faced in 2020, this year’s event took on an event greater priority. In spite of the inherent issues of the crisis – home working, health measures, lockdown – the 2020 edition included a collection of 68m3 of toys, 120 bags of sweets and about 20 computers. The project could not have gone forward without the help and support of our participating Luxembourg entities. Yet again, they successfully united their teams and clients in this worthy cause.

W4C’s support given to dozens of charities from Luxembourg and the Greater-Region that work with disadvantaged children and young people is greatly appreciated, as there is a real need for material help.

Gilbert Frisch, Head of Fondation Kannerschlass, one of the recipients, enthusiastically sums up by saying “Children have been richly rewarded. The toys we received are wonderful and in excellent condition. Some of them are brand new. […] Thank you so much for all you have done, for many years now, to make children who don’t always have luck on their side in life, happy.”

However, the financial needs of children’s charities should not be neglected, as they enable associations to fund long-term projects. This year, Wildgen law firm wanted to offer a cash contribution to charities. Karine Vilret, Partner in charge of the Social Committee at Wildgen explains this decision, “As our traditional New Year party could not go ahead in 2020, and given the crisis situation, we felt it was important to dedicate our budget to supporting those who need it most. It was with great pleasure that the Social Committee presented a donation of 8300 euros in Wildgen’s name to various associations working alongside children and teenagers going through difficult times.”

The W4C team would like to thank each donor, partner, charity and volunteer for their kindness and involvement in this project, and looks forward to seeing you at the end of 2021.

The W4C 2020 edition in a nutshell:

  • 68 m3 of toys, games and equipment collected
  • 8,300 euros donation
  • 120 bags of sweets collected
  • 20 computers collected
  • More than 2,300 child beneficiaries from 0 to 18
  • 12 charities based in Luxembourg and the Greater Region
  • 29 participating companies/entities in Luxembourg
  • 18-day collection
  • Over 46 hours of toy sorting
  • 15 volunteers from Wildgen and partners to sort toys

Entities that took part in the 2020 edition: AKT One, ArcelorMittal, Black Wombat, Cardif Lux Vie, Centralis, CFL, Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg, CHAMP Cargosystems, Confédération Luxembourgeoise du Commerce, DO Recruitment Advisors, Editus, eProseed, Fortuna Banque, Gates, i-Hub, IMS, INCERT, InTech, Kaempff-Kohler, L’essentiel, Lingua Custodia, Michel Greco, Ocorian, Pall Center, Rugby Club Luxembourg, SGI Groupe, Swissquote Bank Europe, T.Rowe Price and Wildgen.

Charities that have benefited from the event: Du pain pour chaque enfant, Een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner, Fondation Autisme Luxembourg, Fondation Kannerschlass, Fondation Pro Familia, Foyer Sud “Fraen an Nout”, l’Île aux Clowns, Maison Croix-Rouge Arlon, SIPO, SOLINA Solidarité Jeunes, TABA Walferdange and Tricentenaire.

Contact and information :
Ophélie Engelmann, Marketing Officer

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