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Paul Wurth and LIST join Forces on data Analytics

On 29 June 2018, Paul Wurth and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology have strengthened their engagement in order to develop Industry 4.0 value creation by seizing the various opportunities offered by data-driven digital technologies.

Paul Wurth and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) have today agreed to extend and expand their joint collaboration on data-driven value services toward the goal of fully realizing an actionable Industry 4.0 roadmap.

Innovative predictive analytics

This agreement builds on the existing collaboration initiated more than one year ago, whereby the parties have been working on innovative predictive analytics to improve customer processes and deliver new services. Offering new solutions based on practical machine learning and multi-tiered big-data architectures integrated into actual customer manufacturing processes is an important growth area in Industry 4.0.

As predictive analytics and related service maintenance become more prevalent, it also becomes equally crucial to handle massive amounts of data. Hence, the collaboration between Paul Wurth and LIST includes investigating and testing analytics software architectures to build innovative solutions, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for cloud services and explore new scalable deployment practices that integrate seamlessly with manufacturing ecosystems.

A true digital ecosystem

In addition, both institutions will jointly carry out selected knowledge transfer activities from their cooperation to different international and local fora. This is part of the strategic determination to build a true digital ecosystem centred at Paul Wurth capabilities for the industry, for which LIST has become a key partner in Luxembourg.

“The collaboration between LIST and Paul Wurth will help uncover new value from data by integrating analytics and new architectures as part of the services that will pave the path for Industry 4.0.” said Georges Rassel, CEO at Paul Wurth It is indeed a great opportunity for our mission in LIST as the RTO of Luxembourg to strengthen our industry-focus research by working together with Paul Wurth. Analytics and all related computing platforms are significant areas of investment for LIST” said Fernand Reinig, CEO a.i. at LIST

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