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Luxairgroup: Runway renovation work

Initial runway renovation work may cause operational constraints. Luxair is prepared to minimise repercussions on its passengers.

Initial preparation work for the renovation of Luxembourg Airport’s landing strip started mid-May 2018. These works will be carried out during the night, in several phases of a few weeks each, until mid-September. Luxembourg airport will not be operational during the works.

Delayed in-coming flights (the delays may have multiple causes, such as congested departure airports, slot issues due to intense traffic, adverse weather conditions, strike, etc ) will thus receive no authorisation to land outside the set times for works and will be diverted to nearby airport.

Luxair has already implemented a series of measures to minimise any inconvenience for its passengers. In case of a deviated flight, the passengers will be taken care of and carried as quickly as possible back to Luxembourg Airport by bus.

Luxair is prepared to handle these exceptional situations and takes care of each of its customers. Luxair will do its utmost to minimise any inconvenience for its passengers in case of a flight deviation.

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