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The Cluster for Logistics team is growing

In these times of the COVID-19 crisis, the systemic importance of logistics is increasingly recognised and the supply chain needs to be resilient. Logistics play a vital role in this period of confinement as they continue to supply stores and essential services. As such, Luxembourg plays a key role and the country is increasingly known throughout the world as an attractive European distribution centre. In order to attract new investments, C4L strives to strengthen the global perception of the Luxembourg sector on an international scale.
Created in 2009 under the impetus of the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of the Economy, the Cluster for Logistics celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2019 by forecasting a troubled economy for 2020, well before the current health crisis. The C4L addressed the topic of change management at its conference in October 2019 and recommended that the sector develop alternatives to prevent certain risks that are still prevalent. Confinement and ceasing all activity for hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world has greatly affected the transportation sector. Volumes have been greatly reduced, sometimes by half, while spot prices (prices set for immediate delivery) across Europe have not covered costs. The C4L is concerned and campaigning through the Union of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UECC) for the opening of borders and for the harmonisation of regulations and derogations within the European Union, like green lanes (lanes reserved for road carriers at borders to guarantee the availability of essential goods and services) established by the European community.
The C4L represents Luxembourg in renowned European logistics associations (Bundesvereinigung Logistik, BVL; European Logistics Association, ELA; or the UECC). It encourages sustainable logistics activities and supports the international Lean and Green programme for any company wanting to reduce its CO2 emissions generated by supply chain activities. The C4L supports the development of logistics and has around a hundred members from this sector (industry, services or other related activities). Members regularly participating in activities and working groups benefit from increased digital visibility and can take part in the networking activities offered by the Cluster.
Today, as a spokesperson for the sector, the Cluster is reinforcing its means to promote Luxembourg’s supply chain internationally and to facilitate access to aid for innovation.
Philippe SCHOLTEN joined C4L in May 2020 as ‘Logistics Development Advisor’ to help the supply chain in Luxembourg create value, in particular in innovation and digitalisation.
Philippe Scholten will also support Malik Zeniti, Director of C4L, in organising apprenticeships and logistics training in high schools, universities, and businesses. Indeed, it is essential to attract and retain highly qualified people to support the digitalisation of the economy and stimulate innovation.
A graduate in economics from the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), Philippe Scholten also holds a master’s degree in Management and Technology from the Technical University of Munich

He also attended Paris II for a semester abroad and carried out practical seminars including an
internship in logistics with the BMW group in Munich. ‘We are happy to reinforce the Cluster with a young and dynamic person as the COVID-19 crisis has clearly highlighted the systemic importance of logistics in Luxembourg, and the related challenges to be met’, said Malik Zeniti of the Cluster for Logistics in welcoming his latest team member.

The assets of the Luxembourg logistics hub are now known and recognised, but digital innovation now
requires special attention after a decade of focusing on strengthening infrastructure. The aim today is to identify skills needs in order to improve the competitivity of the sector in these difficult times for
the economy, without forgetting the reduction of the ecological footprint.

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