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IEE presents its new vision at the IAA

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IEE presents its new vision at the IAA

Luxembourg-based sensing specialist, IEE, has unveiled its new automotive vision at the International Motor Show 2017 (IAA), taking place from the 14th – 24th of September in Frankfurt, Germany.

Michel Witte, IEE’s President and CEO, says the vision – ‘today just a car, tomorrow a way of life – interior sensing solutions that adapt to your lifestyle’ – marks the next step in both IEE’s evolution and that of the automotive industry. “For more than 25 years, IEE has been a leader in occupant sensing,” he says. “We have led the market in such areas as occupant detection and classification, seat belt reminder functions, child seat detection and hands-on/off detection. Now, with the advent of new trends, including increased automation, electrification and connectivity, we want to build on this leadership, offering vehicle users an enhanced automotive experience. And to do that, we had to develop a new long-term vision.”

Paul Schockmel, IEE’s Vice President Strategy, Business Development. & Marketing explains that how people view vehicles is gradually changing. “Many people no longer see a car as a product to buy,” he says. “They view it more as an experience, where they are the focal point and the car is there to support them as they live their lives. With these changing consumer expectations, sensing solutions such as hands-on/off detection, gesture recognition, unattended child reminders, vital signs detection, and driver monitoring will start playing an increasingly important role. Consumers will be looking for features that enhance their lives and their driving experience – and it is up to companies like IEE to provide these. Driver monitoring, for example recognizing distraction or drowsiness, will become an important feature in the future – supported by radio frequency and optical technologies.” And further: “We believe that our new vision aptly sums up this value shift. In our vision, we identified the functions and applications that we believe will be the key future drivers in interior sensing and have begun working on the technologies and products to make them a reality. One area we are currently working on, for example, is the development of unique and intelligent 3D in-cabin concepts that will not only offer high added value for vehicle manufacturers, but will also make life safer, more comfortable, and better for end consumers.”

Schockmel expresses that IEE is looking forward to presenting this concept, along with several other new technologies and applications, in their demo car at the IAA: “The trends that we are currently seeing make it an exciting and challenging time for the automotive industry. At IEE, we have a proud history of developing cutting-edge sensors – and we are looking forward to delivering the new and innovative sensing solutions of the future.”

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