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LuxairGroup creating jobs in 2018

LuxairGroup plans to create 250 permanent positions in 2018

The positive trend registered within LuxairGroup’s various activities, also has a positive impact on jobs. 273 permanent positions have been created within the group since January 2015, including 156 jobs for LuxairCARGO alone. This growth in employment should continue throughout 2018, based on the steady increase in business that was experienced at the start of the year, in particular for LuxairCARGO.

Sharp rise in employment for LuxairCARGO

LuxairCARGO can already confirm that it will be creating 150 additional permanent positions by July, following a record year exceeding 938,000 tonnes and a promising start to 2018. If the favourable conjuncture continues and levels of business remain stable, some 100 extra permanent positions should be created in several stages until the end of the year. LuxairCARGO is highly dependent on volume fluctuations, so it might also occasionally have to revert to fixed-term contracts and temporary staff. LuxairGroup has therefore started advertising job vacancies for over one hundred fixed-term contracts in the field of air freight handling.

Opportunities for young people

LuxairCARGO also wants to provide career opportunities in the transportation and logistics industry for young people. The joint logistics competition between LuxairCARGO and Logisitics Departments at Bonnevoie and Esch-Lallange Technical Colleges, supported by various Ministries, thereby enables college students to exchange views with a key player in the logistics industry and gain professional experience by working on real projects.

Economic and social responsibility

LuxairGroup is fully aware of its responsibility as an employer and economic player. LuxairGroup has a positive influence on national and cross-border economic growth, as it directly employs 2,900 members of
staff and some 3,000 indirect jobs linked to its activities.

This responsibility means that LuxairGroup has to adopt a sustainable strategy that ensures its long-term business continuity. LuxairGroup positions itself as being a stable and responsible employer with significant potential and a strong future. Its growth must therefore be managed efficiently and built on solid economic foundations.

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