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Following a competitive call for tender, LuxTrust has been selected as the trusted third party for the provision and recognition of electronic signatures by the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety of the European Commission.

About 13 years ago, the European Commission did launch a multilingual online management tool for all sanitary requirements on intra-EU trade and importation of animals, semen and embryo, food, feed and plants.

The purpose of that EC system, called TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System), is to digitize the entire certification process and linked procedures. It facilitates the exchange of information between all involved trading parties and control authorities from more than 80 countries worldwide. DG Health and Food Safety want to enhance the services currently available to stakeholders by integrating qualified and advanced electronic signature, seal, timestamp and long-term proof management, in order to provide a legal dimension to the managed electronic documents and to let TRACES enable paperless fully-compliant management of sanitary certificates. For achieving such objective, LuxTrust integrates into TRACES a secured end-to-end solution for managing digital identity and delivering electronic signature, with full legal value, to all users and organizations which are stakeholders in TRACES.

A pilot phase has been launched in December 2017 with the ONSSA (National Office of Sanitary Safety of Food Products of Morocco) in the phytosanitary module of TRACES New Technology. In that context, LuxTrust already equipped over 40 phytosanitarian inspectors in Morocco.

“It is a great honor for LuxTrust to have been selected by the European Commission and its Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety for this large-scale international project. We are proud to support the digitalization of the European Union processes, which shall apply within Europe as well as to countries outside Europe. It is an additional step for us in the use of qualified trust services and strong digital identities internationally, and a strong recognition of the end-to-end solutions that we can flexibly provide for enabling a digital world. ” said Pascal Rogiest, CEO of LuxTrust.

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