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Probiotic Group announces that it has closed a capital increase

Probiotic Group ( was founded in 2014 by Martin M.G. Schoonbroodt, a successful orthodontist and entrepreneur based in Eupen, Belgium, with a mission to develop probiotic care and cleaning products that clean effectively and sustainably.  It is positioned as a company specializing in biotechnology where the core business is to understand the importance of microbiomes – i.e. microbiology on external surfaces including the human and animal skin.

The products position themselves as an alternative to traditional cleansers by being able to fight microbial dysbiosis (imbalances), in addition to optimizing the different biological environments. Microbial cleaners are getting more and more attention in Europe and in the United States, many multinational companies are in talks with Probiotic Group for co-developments and/or the establishment of supply contracts.

After several years of fundamental and applied research around bacteria, Probiotic Group has developed a range of sustainable products based on the principle of circular economy that respect humans, animals and the environment in three segments (cleaning, animals, cosmetics) under own brand (Provilan) and private label B2C brands.

The company employs about twenty employees in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg spread over a production site and a research site working in close collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology (LIST) and the University of Luxembourg (LCSB).

It is co-run by the founder’s son, Martin Schoonbroodt, and Paul Mauhin.

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