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Safe Pupil Transportation with LiDAS (Life Detection Assistance System)

Luxembourg, 25th August 2020 – Children inadvertently left behind on school or day care vehicles is a daunting reality in the United States. The problem persists despite state governments mandating that drivers are not to leave children on such vehicles and with the addition of some equipment to assist the driver to keep track of bus capacity. The fact remains that school fleets need reinforced technology to prevent such accidents that can cost children’s lives. IEE responds to this need with LiDAS (Life Detection Assistance System). It’s a particularly effective sensor-based solution using low-level radio frequency to detect signs of life inside the school vehicle after the driver has left.

Based on the pattern of the received signal, the sensor array can clearly differentiate between beings and objects. Where human actions or other types of technology can fail, the sophisticated software algorithm of LiDAS even detects children whether they hide under a school bus/van seat or have fallen asleep under a blanket. It works in any lighting situation and functions in any temperature.

Easy to mount on the vehicle ceiling, LiDAS is a turn-key, comprehensive system. Sensors are connected to a Central Control Unit that includes a wireless communication block/card and a Simple Driver Interface with three LEDs with Operational Acknowledgement Button. All this technology enables LiDAS to scan the vehicle to check for signs of life once the vehicle is switched off and after a pre-determined delay. If a child presence is identified onboard, the system immediately sends out a notification to alert selected recipients who can respond accordingly.

“We made LiDAS with the safety of the children and the comfort of the parents in mind,” says Michigan-based Dr. Joseph Funyak, Senior Vice President – Transformative Products & Technologies at IEE Sensing, U.S. “But we also want to support the driver and the entire school bus transportation system in their daily duties. At the end of the day, everyone benefits from using technologies such as LiDAS. Tragic events involving pupils accidentally left in vehicles can be prevented.”

LiDAS is available in the U.S. as of October 2020. For further product enquiries or to get in touch with the U.S. sales team, write to or check

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