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thyssenkrupp Elevator safety guidelines

thyssenkrupp Elevator underscores safety guidelines for the urban mobility industry
during pandemic

  • Advises that all mobility units, especially elevators, must be cleaned more frequently
  • Emphasizes the significance of predictive maintenance for technical equipment
  • Properly working elevators and escalators are critical in institutions like hospitals

As one of the world’s leading service providers, thyssenkrupp Elevator is aware of its
responsibility to ensure ongoing mobility in buildings, especially for crucial infrastructures
such as health and public facilities. The company is therefore making every effort to ensure
that its services remain fully available to all customers, while further elaborating the industry’s
health and safety norms.

The service teams remain on duty when it comes to preventive maintenance activities and
call-backs of elevator and escalator systems to ensure the availability of thyssenkrupp
systems. All emergency call services are in place and fully operational.

thyssenkrupp Elevator is reinforcing the recommendations of governmental and health
authorities, with specific directives on how to use mobility equipment in the current scenario.
Moreover, the company implemented measures for extra precaution and makes sure that
special conditions at customer sites are adhered to.

In view of the current situation, thyssenkrupp Elevator has developed some concrete rules of
conduct for users and operators of mobility solutions to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

What users should do:

  • Use the elevator, if possible, with as few people as possible
  • Avoid touching the elevator buttons directly; cover fingers with a cloth or glove
  • Avoid leaning against walls and don’t touch the handrailsWash your hands after each trip

What operators should do:

  • Keep the elevator doors open for a longer time to increase air ventilation; this is
    possible during cleaning or at times when the elevator is not in use;
  • Intensify the cleaning of the elevator, preferably every hour, especially the call
    buttons and the internal parts of the cabin;
  • Cleaning must be performed by a trained professional who is not in the Covid-19
    risk group.

thyssenkrupp Elevator also offers specific solutions for cleaning escalators to ensure that the
hygiene levels are maintained.
Infographics are available for download here.

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