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Why cybersecurity matters more than ever: FEDIL participated in this year’s Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg

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Luxembourg, 2 November 2020 – Proud and loyal sponsor for two years now of the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg, FEDIL took part in this 2020 edition with their conference “Why cybersecurity matters more than ever”, which took place on 22 October. Besides the implication on security for the industry sector during and after the COVID-19 crisis, presented by Steve Muller, Cybersecurity specialist from the Ministry of the Economy, the two hot topics discussed during the conference were two brand new FEDIL projects – the Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) and the advanced version of their Cybersecurity Assessment Online Tool.

Jean-Louis Schiltz, Vice-Chairman of FEDIL and Chairman of the Digital & Innovation Board Group, opened the conference by reminding the audience that cybersecurity is one FEDIL’s priorities and that FEDIL has helped and encouraged its members to adopt a resilient cybersecurity policy. He took this opportunity to warmly thank the Minister of the Economy and the dedicated team for the support and the collaboration put in place in the context of cybersecurity and thanked security experts as well.

François Thill, Director e-commerce and information security from Ministry of the Economy then introduced the principles of the « Information Sharing and Analysis Center » (ISAC). The IND-ISAC represents the first cybersecurity forum dedicated to the manufacturing industry, launched in collaboration with FEDIL. This one of a kind forum enables companies’ cybersecurity representatives to share information, experience, knowledge and best practices among peers in a climate of trust, with the aim of identifying sector-specific risk scenarios, vulnerabilities and threats to provide companies with concrete guidance in conducting a risk management analysis.

Steve Muller presented the implications on security for the industry sector during and after COVID-19, first deliverable for the IND-ISAC, highlighting the six key findings and recommendations for risk management and risk treatment. Cédric Mauny, Co-Chairman of the IND-ISAC and Risk Manager at Proximus Luxembourg, hosted security experts from the industry, members of the IND-ISAC during a round table:

  • Faruk Sari, Assistant CISO, Good Year
  • Roland Fuhrmann, ITManager, Faymonville
  • Cristian Paun, Business CIO EMEA, Du Pont de Nemours

They discussed how they faced the crisis and implemented specific measures from security perspective to ensure continuity of activities and demonstrated the added value of joining such an IND-ISAC.

Finally, with the help and collaboration of EY Luxembourg, the Cybersecurity Assessment Online Tool was launched last year and represents a set of security practices to help companies and organisations evaluate their cybersecurity environment and up their cybersecurity game. Free of charge, the tool supports companies in adopting a common approach with regard to the security objectives, security requirements and security measures across the Luxembourg market.

The 2.0 version integrates updates on hygiene rules and new measures to be taken into account by companies with regards to COVID-19 impact. Some questions have been modified, some new ones have been added, and an emphasis has been put on remote working and mobility, vendor management and rising technology solutions. In this context, Alejandro del Rio, Data Protection & Privacy – Senior Manager and representative of EY Luxembourg at the conference, emphasized during his speech the need for a resilient cybersecurity policy during the pandemic times.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced companies to rethink their organisation overnight and embrace new practices such as remote working which offered cyberattackers the opportunity to thrive. This crisis has certainly shown how important it is for businesses to think through their current cybersecurity measures and how they have to be adapted or reinforced

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