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Cyberespionage for the industry sector

Digital & Innovation

FEDIL is very pleased to inform you of the release of the second outcome of the IND-ISAC “Cyberespionage for the industry sector”. This document lists and describes the possible espionage scenarios that were established in the specific context of the industrial sector but can be tailored to any other economic sector.

Indeed, espionage should be considered as high priority for companies. Spies can use three levers to steal company information:

  1. by exploiting human vulnerabilities of the company’s staff;
  2. by fiddling with company processes;
  3. by making use of technology, and in particular, technical vulnerabilities

to gain an economic advantage, steal information on patented products, influence business opportunities, or get valuable information for adjusting competitive pricing in the frame of the proposal of contracts.


FEDIL, The Voice of the Luxembourg’s Industry, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy (Department of the e-commerce and Information Security) launched a Forum on Cybersecurity dedicated to the manufacturing industry (IND).

This forum follows the principles of an « Information Sharing and Analysis Center » (ISAC).

The IND-ISAC mission is to promote the cooperation in terms of cybersecurity within the manufacturing industry sector in Luxembourg and the Greater Region for the benefit of the attractiveness of the ecosystem.

This Forum enables companies’ cybersecurity representatives to share information, experience, knowledge and best practices among peers in a climate of trust. The aim is to identify sector-specific risk scenarios, vulnerabilities and threats to provide companies with concrete guidance in conducting a risk management analysis.

The IND-ISAC is composed of companies’ cybersecurity representatives from several industries.

Should you wish to join the IND-ISAC and become an active member, we kindly invite you to contact :

Céline Tarraube

Adviser Digital & Innovation

(+352) 43 53 66 610

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