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Awards by FEDIL

The environment and the innovation award ceremonies are traditional FEDIL events designed to present and to highlight special achievements by Luxembourg’s companies. The winners are nominated by an independent jury.

Innovation Prize

The Innovation Prize was created by FEDIL in 1982 to encourage creativity and innovation in companies, schools and the general public. At the time, the idea of creating an innovation prize was to draw attention to the best innovation projects of companies in the manufacturing sector and to make the industrial sector more attractive and modern. This initiative has been a huge success from the very beginning among our member companies, but also for the public.

Over the years, the prize has been adapted to respond to structural changes in the Luxembourg economy. In order to better reflect the diversity of companies that are members of a federation of companies that has become multisectoral, the selection criteria have been adjusted. Thus, projects of innovation in services and innovation in the field of ICT have become eligible for our competition.

Today, the prize is open to any company domiciled in Luxembourg or any person working in Luxembourg as well as to Luxembourg nationals working or studying abroad.

Environment Prize

The Environment Prize was first launched in 1987 as part of the European Year of the Environment and, after several annual editions, the Prize has been organised on a biyearly basis since the early 1990s, alternating with the FEDIL Innovation Prize.

Since its launch by FEDIL, the Environment Prize has been part of the European Environment Prize, which the European Commission organises every two years in collaboration with the organisers of national prizes in EU Member States and candidate countries. The winners of the Luxembourgish Environment Prize are introduced to the European competition.

In particular, the following subjects may be considered for the Environment Prize:

  • Clean technologies: innovative processes that reduce the impact of business activity on the environment (depollution at source, recycling of industrial waste, improvement of environmental quality)
  • "Green" products: a product that considers the protection of the environment at the various stages of its life cycle (design, manufacture, use, disposal)
  • environmental management: innovative action to improve environmental management.