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Vision & Mission

Our vision for industry and companies

All over Europe, our companies, whatever their sector of activity, are facing a social, environmental and technological paradigm shift that is profoundly changing their business models. This is happening at a time when Europe, the world’s leading economic power, must also manage the challenges associated with its ageing population. The search for talent has thus become doubly crucial to sustain the strength of its economy and to support the innovation that is essential to its transition. The race for talent, which is now globalised, is a major challenge for Europe and its companies.

The company of tomorrow will be even more open to the world, operating in networks. It will have taken advantage of the digital revolution while respecting finite resources. The talents that will enable innovation and agility are no longer an option but an imperative.

Luxembourg is a hub that is naturally and historically open to geographical borders and to those of innovation. Our size allows us to cultivate our agility, our multi-modularity helps us to connect to the world and our solidity to sustain our future. We have everything we need to make the transition a success!

To do so, we must continue to strengthen our cooperation on future issues, accelerate our “time to market” and develop our capacity to train and, ultimately, connect with the talents of tomorrow. This is how the Luxembourg success story can continue.

Our mission

Our vocation lies in providing high-quality support through a dynamic and efficient network. FEDIL is a federation with an entrepreneurial spirit, resolutely proactive and forward-looking, at the service of its members, entrepreneurs and industrialists of today and tomorrow,

anticipating their future challenges, supporting their decision-making on a daily basis, and helping them to seize all the opportunities linked to the technological and environmental transition,
developing the best synergies around the development projects of our members in Luxembourg and internationally,
nurturing a constructive dialogue with all the stakeholders of our ecosystem in Luxembourg and internationally
and thus contributing to strengthening the sectors of excellence and the sustainable growth of companies in Luxembourg, to make Luxembourg "the best place for business".