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APATEQ certified for environmentally friendly waste handling

  • Clean-tech company APATEQ has been certified the SuperDrecksKëscht® label for environmentally friendly waste handling.
  • With an ecological waste handl ing and disposal system, APATEQ targets a sustainable materials management, contributing to an ecological redesign of our society.
  • The ISO 14024:2000 compliant label was awarded to APATEQ by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development.

APATEQ, a clean-tech company in the water and wastewater treatment sector, announced today that it has been awarded the SuperDrecksKëscht® label. The label is a recognized quality mark awarded to companies that handle their waste in an environmentally friendly manner.
Companies that apply for the SuperDrecksKëscht® label are supported and trained by the SuperDrecksKëscht® organization in implementing ecological waste handling and disposal in their company.
At a final audit, particular emphasis is placed on the avoidance of waste as well as on preparatory work for the reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal of waste.
“Providing full-solution systems for the treatment of difficult wastewater, APATEQ is clearly committed to environmental protection”, said APATEQ Quality and Certifications Director Jannik Hagen. “We are grateful for the valuable support from the team of SuperDrecksKëscht® to further improve our waste management system. APATEQ strives for sustainable materials management at the highest quality level, reducing environmental impact and increasing resource efficiency. Industrial companies operating and communicating this way send economic impulses, which contribute to an ecological redesign of our society.”
The ISO 14024:2000 compliant label is awarded by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, which is represented by the Environment Agency, the Chamber of Crafts and the Chamber of Commerce. The SuperDrecksKëscht® initiative has been acknowledged by the European Commission as being a best practice example for resource management and climate protection.

APATEQ engineers and manufactures turnkey solutions for the treatment of difficult process water and
wastewater. With its pioneering systems, the company serves selected niche markets such as the maritime industry, the oil and gas industry as well as highly water-consuming industries. APATEQ’s solutions outperform offerings of global leaders for water treatment, excelling in terms of performance and costefficiency.
They are designed with only best-in-class equipment and the processes within the units are carefully developed to meet the most demanding requirements, up to direct reuse of industrial process water.
Today APATEQ’s systems are used worldwide. APATEQ was selected Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, among others. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
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About SuperDrecksKëscht®
Avoiding, reducing, recycling and disposing of waste in an environmentally correct way – the SuperDrecksKëscht® stands for a sound treatment of available raw material and energy sources, claiming “Safety and Future for Everyone”. The SuperDrecksKëscht® brand was developed as part of the waste management activities of the State of Luxembourg.
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