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APATEQ secures stable order intake

  • Wastewater treatment company APATEQ received several new orders for its
    pioneering MarinePaq system, treating wash water resulting from vessels
    exhaust gas cleaning.
  • To date, more than one hundred MarinePaq installations are operational on ships
    worldwide, such as the world’s largest container ships.
  • The MarinePaq has become a market reference for scrub water treatment in the
    maritime industry.
  • APATEQ’s production has continued since the outbreak of COVID-19.

APATEQ, solution provider for the treatment of difficult wastewater, today announced an ongoing order
intake for its systems. Despite the current COVID-19 crisis, affecting economies around the world,
APATEQ is still continuously receiving new orders for its MarinePaq, treating wash water resulting from
vessels exhaust gas cleaning by means of pioneering process technology. As of end of Q1, the orders
are in the double-digit figures.

The on-board version of APATEQ’s MarinePaq, launched in 2017, has so far been put into operation on
more than one hundred ships worldwide, among others on the world’s largest container ships. The IMO
(International Maritime Organization) sulphur cap, limiting the sulphur emissions from vessels to 0.5%
worldwide and in defined regions (Emission Control Areas) to 0.1%, triggers a continuing demand for
equipping existing and newly built ships with scrubber systems that reduce sulphur emissions to the
required level. APATEQ’s MarinePaq for treatment of wash water from the scrubbing process is
considered as a market reference in the maritime industry. The system excels by simple handling and
long intervals between its maintenance procedures, allowing the MarinePaq to operate for a long period
of time without interruptions. Surplus oil can easily be extracted from the scrub water, a feature that is
unique on the market. The modular design of the MarinePaq allows an easy placement of the system in
confined spaces on board as the modules can be set up in different areas of the room and connected by
piping to form a unit, a characteristic much appreciated by shipowners and shipyards alike when it
comes to retrofitting the system in existing vessels.

APATEQ’s production activities in Luxembourg have not stopped since the outbreak of COVID-19,
respecting and enforcing the strictest precautionary and hygienic measures. The delivery of the latest
ordered systems is scheduled for the second half of 2020.

APATEQ engineers and manufactures turnkey solutions for the treatment of difficult process
water and wastewater. With its pioneering systems, the company serves selected niche
markets such as the maritime industry, the oil and gas industry as well as highly waterconsuming
industries. APATEQ’s solutions outperform offerings of global leaders for water
treatment, excelling in terms of performance and cost-efficiency. They are designed with
only best-in-class equipment and the processes within the units are carefully developed to
meet the most demanding requirements, up to direct reuse of industrial process water.
Today APATEQ’s systems are used worldwide. APATEQ was selected Technology Pioneer
by the World Economic Forum, among others. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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