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CODITRACER: a management and traceability tool

CODIPRO, the Luxembourgish specialist for swivel lifting rings, presents its new innovation elaborated thanks to the technological partnership with Telindus, one of the leaders in convergent Cloud, ICT and telecom services in Luxembourg: the traceability management tool CODITRACER.

CODITRACER ensures the traceability of the ring in each step of its way: in the production of the raw material, in the assembly of the ring, in its distribution and in its use. Developed by Telindus on the basis of Blockchain technology, it guarantees the security and confidentiality of information.

A software that reinforces security

“Each ring has a traceability number. This number simply has to be entered into the software to access all information related to the rings, such as the instruction manuals, technical data sheets or the certificates of conformity”, explains Christophe LOSANGE, Director at CODIPRO. Thanks to CODITRACER, clients will have all the necessary information at hand to guarantee their safety.

CODITRACER is an innovative software that reinforces security and traceability while being ecological, given the amount of paper and plastic saved! The software will enable CODIPRO to reinforce its status as a specialist of swivel lifting rings and its distributors to better know their markets”, Christophe LOSANGE says.

A 7-year warranty

CODIPRO designs and manufactures high quality articulated swivel lifting rings. Since its takeover in 2004 by the shareholders of NO-NAIL BOXES and its move to Wiltz (Luxembourg), CODIPRO has been growing steadily with a sales revenue of €10,115,000 in 2019. Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SRC, patented and in compliance with the most stringent safety standards, CODIPRO is part of the lifting division of the ALIPA Group, the Luxembourgish packaging and industrial lifting specialist with approximately 150 employees.

Christophe LOSANGE

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