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Covid-19 Solidarity Offer by

The outbreak of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) forces companies to rethink their way of working and to rely more than ever on internet technologies to keep their operations running. As if this was not challenging enough, Hackers increasingly take advantage of the pandemic crisis to attack already vulnerable businesses and institutions with DDoS and other cyberattacks, as reported by “”. In order to help organizations cope with the many shocks caused by the pandemic crisis, has decided to launch its “COVID-19 solidarity offer” with 3 month free high quality Internet Services with no commitment.

COVID-19 solidarity offer

  • Monthly fees waived for three months: Free access to a wide range of ISO 27001 certified cloud, connectivity, Baas/DRaaS or DDoS protection solutions for 3 months.
  • No commitment: Service cancellations at any time and without penalties.
  • Accelerated execution of orders at no extra charge: Emergency requests for an accelerated delivery of services will not be invoiced on top of the normal setup fees.
  • No setup fees for service upgrades: Service orders placed by customers wishing to enhance, improve or harden their existing environment will not be subjected to setup fees.

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