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Grand Prix en Sciences de l’Ingénieur-Grand Prix Armand Delvaux

The da Vinci Association, the Luxembourg Association of Engineers, Architects, Scientists and Industrialists, will award in 2019 its first Grand Prix in Engineering Sciences-Grand Prix Armand Delvaux. This Grand Prix will be awarded every 2 years.

Engineering Sciences are aimed at scientists and engineers whose activity is focused not on basic research, but on the realization of products that meet certain identified needs of society. The sciences in question cover a wide variety of sectors: transport, telecommunications, health, energy, building, etc. Their common point: they are complex achievements that use different technologies. Engineering sciences bring together all the disciplines necessary for the study of these objects.

To be eligible, the researcher must be either of Luxembourgish nationality or have worked in the Grand Duchy. The prize in question is currently worth EUR 10,000.- and will be awarded in November 2019 as part of an academic session.

Any application for the current year’s award must be submitted by 31 March 2019 at the latest by post and email to the President of the da Vinci Association:

Mr Marc Solvi
56 rue des 3 Cantons
L-3961 Ehlange / Mess

The application will include a letter of application, a complete curriculum vitae of the candidate and a document describing the work and results to be considered by the jury. The rules of the Grand Prix des Sciences de l’Ingénieur-Grand Prix Armand Delvaux can be consulted on the websites of the da Vinci Association,

For any further information, please contact Mr. Marc Solvi, President of the Association da Vinci,

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