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HITEC Luxembourg celebrates 35 years of existence

Mamer, February 05, 2021: Today marks the 35th anniversary of the inception of HITEC Luxembourg S.A. by the three Luxembourgers Pierre HIRTT, Marco TRAUFFLER and Nicolas COMES. As “Hirtt, Trauffler & Comes, Luxembourg – HiTeC Luxembourg”, the company started its activities from a garage in Junglinster. At that time, the core business consisted of the development of measuring instruments of physical properties for the rubber industry and the automation of production machines.

Measurements are firmly anchored in the core business of HITEC Luxembourg and have become even more advanced over the years. In addition to physical measurements, activities have been extended to road network and space measurements. Over the last three and a half decades, HITEC Luxembourg has continuously developed its business activities, both at a national and international level. Today, its products and services can be found on all continents.

Yves Elsen, Managing Partner & CEO, emphasizes: “In addition to physics, project and quality management, mechanical engineering, electronics and high frequency, the most important trump card of HITEC Luxembourg today lies in the competencies around information and communication technologies (ICT). It is necessary to manage this transition of ICT into our competences in the interest of our customers, in order to create added value and sustainability of our products and services for the users and this under the necessary national as well as international certifications.”

Fields of activity of the eternally young company based in Mamer.

The field of activity of test equipment has significantly evolved over the years. Today, HITEC Luxembourg offers its customers nine different models of test equipment and countless spare parts. A lot of the equipment is even manufactured at the Luxembourg site. In the satellite ground segment, solutions range from individual subsystems such as servo kits, to stand-alone antenna systems, ground stations including baseband equipment for satellite configurations – from geostationary to low earth orbit. For example, HITEC Luxembourg has supplied antennas for the European Galileo program. For almost three decades, HITEC Luxembourg has been providing tunnel and road traffic management services, supporting operators with control and road information. In the field of critical missions – disaster response and development assistance – its products are used in situations where real-time communication, collaboration and situational awareness are critical for people and public safety in some of the world’s most challenging places. Since 2012, HITEC Luxembourg has been a partner of where NoSaCo products are regularly used in crisis areas.

HITEC Luxembourg is ISO 9001:2015 certified and for most products and services the company has the “Made in Luxembourg” label. Furthermore, HITEC Luxembourg is a signatory of the “Charte de la diversité Lëtzebuerg” and obtained the “Entreprise Socialement Responsible” and “SuperDrecksKëscht” labels.

It is no longer enough to just have a good idea!

 Good ideas are no longer enough, it is equally important to implement one’s ideas professionally and to the absolute satisfaction of the customer. Today, HITEC Luxembourg counts more than 50 employees. One of the main strengths, besides the diversity of its staff, is the internal transfer of know-how between the different fields of activity to create new ideas and developments. To offer the right solutions in the future, HITEC Luxembourg is constantly trying to attract young and young-at-heart talents to the industry and to support them in their training, among other things by participating in the Hello Future project of the FEDIL, the Job Shadow Day and the Engineering Trainee Days organized by the JEL – Jonk Entrepreneuren Lëtzebuerg and through the contact with the ANEIL and the Da Vinci asbl.

Philippe Osch, Senior Partner & CTO, adds: “Thanks to the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of every single person at HITEC Luxembourg, we are confident about the future. This year alone, we’ve set our sights on launching three new products and services.”

Many employees are involved in research and development in a variety of ways. At the HITEC Luxembourg site, there is a laboratory infrastructure where new ideas and products in development are tested. Many employees also participate in working groups nationally and internationally and are involved in institutions and organizations to drive industry development.

“We are out of the garage”

In conclusion, what started with a “garage story” in Junglinster 35 years ago has grown into a dynamic, innovative and diverse company. HITEC Luxembourg has steadily evolved over the years and with agility, innovation and entrepreneurship firmly embedded in the company’s DNA, HITEC Luxembourg looks with confidence towards the future.

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About HITEC Luxembourg S.A.

HITEC Luxembourg S.A., a 100%-owned Luxembourg company, has developed its business activities in the field of innovative and quality products and services. The company is ISO 9001 certified for engineering, analysis, consulting, manufacturing, maintenance and sales of systems in mechanics, electronics, physical measuring techniques as well as information and communication technologies. The Luxembourg ESR label for corporate social responsibility (CSR) certifies the commitment by HITEC Luxembourg to monitor and promote an approach to CSR with respect to economic, social and environmental dimensions of its stakeholders. The company has been awarded with the SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber label for its contribution to an environmental friendly waste management. The label is certified in accordance with the ISO 14024:2000 standard. HITEC Luxembourg is also a signatory of the Charte de la Diversité Lëtzebuerg.

HITEC Luxembourg offers high technology solutions covering different business areas: satellite ground segment technology; customer specific and standard equipment for testing and measuring of physical properties; engineering; consulting; software & ICT development and project management. HITEC Luxembourg serves private and public sector customers at a national and international level. Its business objectives, as a specialized high technology provider are to achieve a strong sustainable market position; to expand its activities at an international level as well as to promote the Luxembourg site through the realization of innovative high quality value- added products and services.

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