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lux-Airport investing in the production of sustainable aviation fuel based on renewable energy by acquiring a shareholding in Norsk e-Fuel

  • After achieving the certification “carbon neutral” (level 3+) by ACI, lux-Airport expands its environmental engagement by investing in the production of e-Fuels, an important component of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), to fulfill the “Fit for 55” guidelines of the European Commission.
  • Norsk e-Fuel (NEF) is one of the leading companies in the development of e-Fuel production with its experienced shareholders and relevant patents.
  • It is well placed to develop and achieve the necessary scale of production of Power to Liquid (PtL), e-Fuel which is the optimum SAF in reducing CO2 emissions throughout the product lifecycle.

With this investment, lux-Airport joins the four partners: Sunfire, Climeworks, Valinor, and Paul Wurth, to drive the production of e-Fuels, the most sustainable type of SAF. Moreover, they can reduce life-cycle emissions by up to 99% compared to conventional fuels and do not compete with food security or land use.

Accelerated by the European Commission’s “Fit for 55” proposal, which aims to reduce greenhouse gasses by 55% by 2030, lux-Airport will target its investments in projects which support this initiative. The European Commission’s target for the aviation industry is to substitute fossil fuels with a quota of 63% SAF. Included in the 63% is a requirement that 28% of the total fuel uplift in the EU are e-Fuels. Already by 2030, every EU airport with more than 1 Mio. Passengers or 100.000 t cargo per year is obliged to use 5% SAF and 0.7% e-Fuels of its total fuel consumption.

The first production facility of Norsk e-Fuel is planned in Mosjøen/Norway, providing the required amounts of renewable energy and necessary infrastructure. The start of production is planned for 2024. lux-Airport supports with its shareholding in Norsk e-Fuel the independent production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) from renewable electricity, air captured CO2 and water.

lux-Airport’s investment in e-Fuel production underlines the strong commitment to supporting the targets for a climate-neutral aviation sector.

Contributing to the EU’s “Fit for 55” goal is one of the key elements in lux-Airport’s sustainability initiatives. The certification achieved by the airport with the ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation program in March 2022, proves the results of joint efforts by the airport’s major stakeholders. Projects such as the smart use of renewable electricity, optimization of heating, water use reduction including recovering de-icing water to reduce environmental impacts, implementing green spaces to increase biodiversity, investment in smart LED lighting, use of electric vehicles, reinforcing waste sorting and recycling all contribute to a more sustainable airport operation.

About Norsk e-Fuel –

Norsk e-Fuel AS is a leading industry consortium that joins forces to make unlimited renewable fuel a reality. Therefore, climate-neutral transportation can be achieved, especially in hard-to-electrify sectors such as the aviation industry. Located in Mosjøen, Northern Norway, Norsk e-Fuel is generating renewable fuels from CO2 & water using 100% Norwegian renewable electricity.

The company is based in Snarøyveien 20, 1360 Fornebu just outside of Oslo. It was founded in 2019 as a project development firm and has currently 6 employees. Additional engineering and planning resources are provided through the consortium partners.

The joint venture is composed of five partners: Sunfire GmbH, the world’s leading PtL-technology provider; Climeworks AG, the pioneer in CO2 air capture technology; Paul Wurth SA (SMS group), a leading international EPC company for steel manufacturers and the Norwegian Clean-Tech investment company Valinor, parent company of Norsk Vind, the largest private wind power developer in Norway and lux-Airport, aerodrome operator of Luxembourg airport.

Contact Norsk e-Fuel:

About lux-Airport –

lux-Airport is the operating company of Luxembourg airport. The airport provides direct flight services to many business and leisure destinations and is a major European cargo hub. lux-Airport employs more than 330 people.

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