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LuxTrust Mobile app: what if your Token goes mobile?

Here’s excellent news for everyone who uses LuxTrust products: you can now download the LuxTrust Mobile app free of charge and enjoy LuxTrust services in a totally new environment from your smartphone!

As a LuxTrust product user, you can download the Mobile app free of charge. With your Token or LuxTrust Scan, you can now link your digital LuxTrust identity to a new LuxTrust Mobile app directly from your phone. If you already have LuxTrust Mobile app, it’s even easier: just update it to enjoy a completely new design and a number of new functionalities.

Once linked to your LuxTrust identity, you can use this highly secure solution instead of your Token for connections from your computer, tablet or smartphone to and most Luxembourg banking sites.

As Pascal Rogiest, LuxTrust’s CEO explains very clearly, “Many people think LuxTrust is only the Token. Although it’s been our users’ standard for many years, we thought it was high time we offered our clients a totally mobile user‐friendly solution. A Luxembourg mobile ID if you like. With a LuxTrust certificate, in fact, you have a digital Identity, a single ID you can use in the digital ecosystem LuxTrust manages for multiple uses and via multiple resources. LuxTrust’s Mobile app is an additional resource we have developed to make users’ lives easier in using their ID for authentication purposes and electronic signatures which are legally binding. This mobile approach will enable us to offer even more digital functionalities to our users in future via a single application.”

Very easy to use, the app is protected by a password the user defines at the time they sign up. To make it more user‐friendly, they can also use the biometric option (Fingerprint on Android, Face ID or Touch ID on iOS). It’s essential to keep your Token at home, though. If you change or lose your smartphone, or if it is stolen, this simple precaution allows you to reactivate the app on another device quickly and absolutely securely.

LuxTrust’s new Mobile app is now available at the App Store and on Google Play. It supports iOS versions 10 and Android version 6 or above. Users can link up to two phones to their LuxTrust ID as well as their traditional Token or LuxTrust Scan.

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