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The Art of Travel

Luxair is joining forces with the formidable Luxembourgish artist Sumo to celebrate the art of travel

Plane spotters and travellers at Luxembourg airport will soon be astounded to see a Luxair plane sporting surprisingly bright colours and positive messages.
A unique look designed by Sumo.

Luxair wanted to offer its passengers a unique travel experience, combining art and travel. These two worlds are naturally entwined. The art of travel, the art of getting away from it all and leaving behind all those difficult months to rediscover the pleasure of travelling safely.

Sumo is a Luxembourgish artist and national contemporary art icon, who celebrates its 25th year of painting. Luxair therefore decided to entrust the artist with the make-over of two of its planes, a Boeing 737-800, registered under LX-LGU, and a De Havilland Q400, registered under LX-LQA.

Christian Pearson, aka Sumo, is in charge of these makeovers that will transport Luxair passengers to new horizons with his new colourful landscapes and imaginary characters.
Sumo has dressed the fuselage with a vibrant and harmonious outfit featuring happy figures and messages. The artist will also be let loose on the cabin interior. The head rests are soon to be decorated with fresh and invigorating designs, whilst pictures of his works will also be displayed at various points in the cabin.

Sumo’s works with his wild yet controlled signature style reveal themselves the more you contemplate them. His dynamic designs are in keeping with his feisty and colossal alias, as they induce powerful sensations, whilst his words make you feel good and entice you to travel.

Luxair has created the first flying gallery in Luxembourg thanks to this collaboration. Passengers on board one of these aircraft will be able to admire the unique creations until March 2021.
Luxair is also proud to be able to promote a Luxembourgish artist through this experience by transporting his works of art across Europe.

The Boeing 737-800 (LX-LGU) is set to take its first passengers to Ajaccio on Saturday 25 July 2020 (flight LG-277). However, you will have to wait a few more days before the unveiling of the De Havilland Q400’s new look (LX-LQA).

About the project:

Quote from Sumo:
“This collaboration has been an awesome and exciting one. We all worked around the clock to get every detail right. Last time I felt this excited was when I was planning the grand opening of my art gallery. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with such a great team that turned every idea into reality. This has by far been one of my most challenging and enjoyable projects I have ever worked on. I hope I was able to lift the spirits and help spread joy in travelling again.
I cannot thank Luxair enough for giving me the opportunity to share my art on a passenger plane.“

Figures at a glance:

200 hours of creative work for this whole project
19 hours and 11 people
to put the stickers on the aircraft

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