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Wildgen 4 Children: Mobilising generosity for disadvantaged children

Initially launched on 20th November 2014, the Wildgen 4 Children (W4C) toy collection aims to support charities providing care and assistance to children and teenagers facing challenging circumstances within Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

How did this initiative originally come into being? Who does it target? How does it work and how can people take part? General overview.

How did this initiative originally come about?

For a number of years now, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been at the heart of the concerns shared by the Luxembourg law firm Wildgen. Labelled as a Socially Responsible Company (Entreprise Socialement Responsable – ESR) by the INDR (National Institute for Sustainable Development) and as an active IMS member (Inspiring More Sustainability), Wildgen has always been dedicated to certain causes which it holds dear: the environment, diversity, education, gender equality… Having become aware of the daily struggles faced by so many children, the firm then decided to take things further and tap into the solidarity and generosity of an entire country with the national W4C donation collection. Since originally bringing 6 companies and 9 charities together, in 2019 the W4C initiative involved over 25 of Luxembourg’s economic figureheads and was supporting 12 charities. An impressive rate of growth.

Why was the 20th November chosen for the launch date?

This is because it is also International Children’s Day. First celebrated in 1954, the day draws attention to children’s fundamental rights and reminds us that even today, in our country, there are children living in vulnerable situations, facing deprivation and coping with disability. It was therefore only logical that the law firm Wildgen would use this date as a focal point for its W4C initiative.

How are the charities chosen?

W4C currently supports a dozen charities working on behalf of disadvantaged children in Luxembourg, a number which includes institutions that are household names as well as other much smaller organisations. The initiative also offers these groups their share of the spotlight, as well as drawing attention to the wonderful work they achieve on a daily basis. Any charity working to support children and teenagers within Luxembourg and the Greater Region is eligible and is encouraged to get in touch with the organisers.

How is the collection organised?

Where charities are concerned, they are contacted in advance by the W4C team so that a comprehensive list of their needs can be drawn up. This means they are only provided with what they need once the collection and sorting have been carried out.

Where companies are concerned, any Luxembourg company interested in being involved is invited to organise a collection on its premises between the 20th November and 7th December 2020, which its staff or clients can contribute to. The W4C team then takes care of all the logistics, supplies the communication material for employees and for the purposes of the collection, works with Michel Greco to gather all of the items. Volunteers then sort all of the goods on the basis of the needs expressed by the charities and oversee delivery to recipients before the holiday season.

What should be collected?

Toys (other than teddy bears), books, board games, outdoor toys, consoles and video games, sports equipment (other than shoes and clothing), schools equipment, bicycles, scooters… in perfect working order (new or second-hand).

All involvement is warmly welcome, be it a contribution, the organisation of a collection or the distribution of information. Let’s make sure that throughout Luxembourg and the Greater Region, the holiday season helps all children forget their worries and brings nothing but joy. More than ever before, solidarity should be at the heart of everything we do.

Further details regarding Wildgen 4 Children are available at

Would you like to take part in the collection?

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