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Engineering consulting RHEA System Luxembourg S.A.
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RHEA Group, is a key European actor in the space and security engineering sectors providing added values throughout the entire value chain of services & operations within and for critical infrastructures. RHEA Group is an international, privately-owned company with headquarters in Belgium, focusing on providing innovative, market ready solutions in our key sectors of Cyber and Space Engineering, for both Commercial and Institutional customers. We work across Europe and Canada from 11 countries where the company is established, with over 600 staff located within client sites, as well as in our own offices. Our success is founded on delivering reliable solutions and services, and on developing a reputation as a trusted partner, which is critical to us. RHEA System Luxembourg S.A. is a subsidiary of the RHEA Group. In Luxembourg, the Company focuses on developing end-to-end services in space and cyber-security for space, and on stimulating related innovative services for the Group, thanks to the dynamism of the Luxembourg space & cybersecurity ecosystems.
Key figures
  • Foundation year 2020
  • National workforce 5
  • Share capital 30,000€
  • M. Pascal Rogiest managing director