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Business consulting TrAxxion S.A.
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TrAxxion provides no-nonsense consulting through industry experts (manufacturing, logistics, IT, general management, …) main fields of expertise are: Lean Management, Project/Program Management, Corporate Governance, Business/General/Strategy/Innovation Management TrAxxion is accredited for various Fit4 programs (F4I, F4D, F4C, F4G) main customer segments are: SME's in Luxembourg and greater region, industrial multinationals and (semi) public institutions beyond the consultancy, TrAxxion is a partner of Asprova
Key figures
  • Foundation year 2018
  • National workforce 1
  • Share capital 30,000€
  • M. Mark Norschaele administrateur délégué
  • M. Sven Mertes administrateur
  • M. Stephan Klang administrateur