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Miscellaneous business services Harsco Metals Luxequip S.A.
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equipment and facilities to provide customised services which meet steelmakers' requirements at each stage of the metal production process, long-term renewable service contracts, development and utilization of specialist technologies and Equipment; conveyor belt maintenance, bulk raw materials management, coke oven services, scrap management, scrap processing, blast furnace services, ladle transport, steelworks services, refractories services, slag management, product handling, stocking and transport, scarfing, grinding, slab or plate cutting, quality control and inspection, packaging system, product logistics, transport to dispatch points with specialized equipment, delivering, metal recovery, dusts and sludges processing, sludge lagoon processing, iron kish handling, recovery of mineral products, dusts emission control, coolant scrap production, site management, project management and engineering solutions
Key figures
  • Foundation year 1988
  • National workforce 12
  • Share capital 2,411,582€
  • M. Jean-Yves Brebion administrateur-gérant