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Call for participation: Project Group on Artificial Intelligence Regulatory Sandboxes

Digital & Innovation

In April 2021, the European Commission presented a “Proposal for a regulation laying down harmonized rules on Artificial Intelligence1” (the ‘artificial intelligence act’ or ‘AI act’). The artificial intelligence act envisages setting up coordinated AI “regulatory sandboxes” to foster innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) across the EU, as per “Title V: measures in support of Innovation”.

“The objectives of the regulatory sandboxes should be to foster AI innovation by establishing a controlled experimentation and testing environment in the development and pre-marketing phase with a view to ensuring compliance of the innovative AI systems with this Regulation and other relevant Union and Member States legislation; to enhance legal certainty for innovators and the competent authorities’ oversight and understanding of the opportunities, emerging risks and the impacts of AI use, and to accelerate access to markets, including by removing barriers for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-up2.”

A regulatory sandbox (RS) is a tool allowing businesses to explore and experiment with new and innovative products, services, or businesses under a regulator’s supervision. It provides innovators with incentives to test their innovations in a controlled environment, allows regulators to better understand the technology, and fosters consumer choice in the long run. However, regulatory sandboxes also come with a risk of being misused or abused and need the appropriate legal framework to succeed3.

To provide input from the market into defining the future shape of a Luxembourg RS and to make recommendations in this regard, working closely with the Luxembourg Government, FEDIL is forming a dedicated project group.

For participation in the project group, please email Céline Tarraube, Adviser Digital & Innovation by Monday 3 October 2022 if you are a company (big, SME, start-up) that develops AI systems (providers, within industry, etc.), and you have expertise in artificial intelligence or legal matters.

We would like to thank you very much for your consideration and are at your entire disposal for more information.

2 Recital (72) of the proposed AI act

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