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SITC – Security Industry Training Center

In many professions nowadays, there is more and more talk about the digital transformation or the digital turnaround. The surveillance and security sector is no exception. It also has to adapt to new standards. To this end, the organisation SITC (in the form of a non-profit organisation) was founded in January 2020 by FEDIL Security Services, FEDIL, The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry and the “Mouvement Luxembourgeois pour la Qualité et l’Excellence”. The sector of guarding and security services includes 19 companies licensed in Luxembourg1, providing the following services:

  • the monitoring of mobile and immobile goods;
  • the management of alarm centres;
  • the transport of cash or/and valuables
  • the protection of persons.

The collective agreement signed between the security services of FEDIL and the social partners is the starting point for the establishment of this body. It enables the increased professional demands of the security sector to be met. The financing of the SITC is fixed by the sectoral collective agreement2 declared to be a general obligation by Grand-Ducal regulation of 4 December 2019 ( introducing a obligatory contribution (1% of the wage bill) for each surveillance and security company approved in the Grand Duchy.

Development and professional valorisation of the sector

The SITC was set up to design, compile and organise a whole range of training courses for the 3,600 security officers in Luxembourg. The aim is to establish a high national standard of professional competence. Thanks to this initiative, security officers can benefit from greater versatility and employability, they contribute to the upgrading of the company and the sector in general.

Due to the internationalization of Luxembourg and the ever-increasing security measures, the need for personal and relational (“soft skills”) as well as technological skills is constantly increasing.

Today, due to terrorist threats, this no longer concerns only public institutions, but also private sectors (banks, hotels, department stores, companies, etc.).

List of training courses (not complete):

  • the reception area (in several languages)
  • the X-Ray controls
  • computer science
  • the know-how in technological equipment
  • the fire safety
  • first aid
  • the conflict management
  • current regulations

Organisation of the training courses

The training courses have been taking place since the beginning of March 2020 at the LUXAIR Cargo Center, which has the necessary infrastructure and some of the coaches capable of offering the above courses. Other training providers will be added in the near future to expand the range of training courses on offer.

The “Centre de Compétences” is an important partner of SITC. It manages the registration and planning of training courses in collaboration with the concerned companies.

The courses can last between 4 hours and 15 days. A regular development of the training courses already offered is also planned, in order to ensure a continuous adaptation to the market requirements.

Highly qualified, motivated and well-trained employees will be able to carry out the security assignments entrusted to them by private individuals, companies and authorities without any problems. A country like Luxembourg, which is booming economically, needs a highly professional surveillance and security sector to meet the requirements of an increasingly complex and secure world.

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