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Tool for sharing collective agreements

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For several years, FEDIL has been offering a tool to its member companies for sharing their collective agreements. The tool gives access to collective agreements recently concluded in other member companies. This access could be a valuable tool to better meet the challenge of future negotiations. Whether you are dealing with very specific topics or are interested in the general trends, these documents can usefully serve as a reference and source of information.

The collective agreements are in a secure SharePoint project group that is only accessible to companies that have already exchanged their respective collective agreement. The tool allows to consult the collective agreements of other members who have done the same.

The project group currently provides access to more than 50 collective agreements, which we expect to grow with even broader participation from member companies.

Companies wishing to benefit from this service are requested to send a copy of their collective agreement currently applicable in PDF format and this document (filled-out) to Mrs. Gredie ( or Mr. Heck (

In exchange, you will receive as soon as possible an email from “Admin FEDIL” with a link to this SharePoint project group.

FEDIL generally recommends that the company contact person saves this link as a “bookmark” in the internet browser for easier retrieval. The link will give the company contact person the possibility to consult at any time the other collective agreements of our members that have proceeded in the same way.

Mrs. Gredie and Mr. Heck are at your disposal for further information.

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