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Our Services

What FEDIL can do for you

  • We make life for our industrials and entrepreneurs easier
  • In their transition faced with a changed economical, social and technological paradigm
  • Be this within their everyday operational management
  • Or in anticipation and decision making, which they face in their short or long-term matters by creating an ecosystem that highly benefits their development
  • And helping them to foresee and seize all new perspectives of tomorrow

We advise you

  • legislative attendance
  • full access to our pool of expertise
  • personalized counsel for members

We add value

  • analysis of legislative initiatives
  • thematique project groups
  • identification of tomorrow's key issues
  • external communication and awareness-rasing

we speak for you

  • sectoral promotion of affiliates´ and professionals´ excellence in industry
  • dialogue with the stakeholders and social dialogue
  • protection of members´ interests and of their employees
  • valuing the row of our companies and sectors for the country and its economy

we create synergies

  • networking opportunities and facilitation of encounters
  • activation of our national experts
  • activation of our international network