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FEDIL officially launches its “Cybersecurity Assessment Online Tool”

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Luxembourg, 17th October 2019 – On the occasion of the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg, FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry officially launched its “Cybersecurity Assessment Online Tool”. The 100% free online tool will allow every company and organisation to evaluate its current level of security thanks to a set of 50 “cyber hygiene” rules.

All industries and all activities generate a tremendous amount of data which need to be stored and processed in a secure environment. Cybersecurity challenges are therefore of paramount importance. The number of cyberattacks is growing rapidly and the techniques used by hackers are ever more complex.

It is unfortunate that nowadays, no industry is spared from cyber threats. All areas of activities should be concerned by cybersecurity. Consequently, companies from all industries need to bolster their cybersecurity environment and take appropriate actions to prevent cyberattacks”, introduced Jean-Louis Schiltz, Vice-Chairman of FEDIL.

Indeed, cybersecurity is not only an issue related to technology but one where human behaviour is equally important. The topic should be raised at management level. An assessment of the current cybersecurity situation must be undertaken.

Therefore, “cyber hygiene” rules, namely simple and routine measures must be implemented and carried out regularly within organisations to minimise their exposure to risks from cyberthreats. These rules must be strongly promoted and prioritised and a security journey has to be rolled out in this regard. Indeed, vulnerabilities must be pinpointed at all levels of companies.

As presented by Brice Lecoustey, Advisory Partner and Alejandro Del Río, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Manager, EY Luxembourg, the “FEDIL Cybersecurity Assessment Online Tool” proposes a set of 50 security practices, defined in collaboration with EY, to pave the way of companies and organisations in their Cybersecurity journey.

The 100% free online tool will allow companies and organisations to carry out their own assessment in order to evaluate the current level of security and thus adopt the best security policy to reach security objectives and fulfil security requirements.

Companies and organisations will evaluate their level of maturity thanks to a maturity level rating scale from 1 to 5.

Through the analysis of their results, companies and organisations will have the opportunity to compare against counterparts within the same sector or even other sectors.

Another added value of the tool lies in the fact that companies and organisations can redo the assessment as many times as they need and thus see the evolution of their own cybersecurity environment and the one of their counterparts after implementing security practices.

Through this tool, FEDIL wants to raise awareness regarding cybersecurity within companies and organisations and support Luxembourg’s ecosystem through its cybersecurity journey.

The tool is now available at:

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