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Your job in #LuxembourgIndustry

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has a long industrial tradition. The pioneers of the iron and steel industry, which in the years 1900 were the symbol of the country’s wealth, were followed by other important economic sectors from the 1960s onwards. The 1973 oil crisis led to a change in Luxembourg’s industry and, with the expansion of the tertiary sector, promoted the development towards a service economy.

Today Luxembourg is known for being an innovative base for various high-value industrial goods ranging from the steel, glass and plastic industries to the aeronautic and automotive industries. After Germany, the Luxembourg economy registers the highest proportion of innovative companies in the European Union. More than 90% of Luxembourg’s industrial production is exported.

Industrial diversification is one of the permanent objectives of Luxembourg’s economic policy. It favors the development of various other industrial sectors such as ICT, automotive, biohealth, construction, ecoinnovation and space. Choosing a job in Luxembourg’s industry means being part of a vivid and rapidly changing as well as strongly digitized ecosystem full of promising opportunities.


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has an atypical labour market owing to the international and multilingual nature of its workforce. Around 70% of the country’s workforce is composed of immigrants or cross-border workers coming from our neighbour countries.


  • an international and multilingual work environment;
  • favorable wage conditions;
  • short distances between home and the workplace;
  • a system of universal social security;
  • a high standard of living;
  • an exceptional quality of life

In Luxembourg, employees work 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. Each employee is legally entitled to a statutory annual paid leave of 25 working days. In addition, there are public holidays totalling 10 days.


…when it comes to having fun, Luxembourg offers a multitude of events and first-class infrastructure in the cultural and sporting spheres. We regularly host world famous artists, the year includes a number of fairs and other events. Also, Luxembourg’s gastronomy with its restaurants and bars is widely reputed for its quality at the crossroads of French cuisine and international variety.

Luxembourg’s Industry meets students

FEDIL is a multi-sectoral federation of entrepreneurs, bringing together more than 550 companies of all sizes and sectors for which the globalized talent race is a major challenge. To promote their jobs and support them in the search for workforce, FEDIL presents students and other candidates with job or internship offers from some of its members.


Opérateur de systèmes informatiques secondaires et de réseaux de communication du secteur financier.

ILA (Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs)